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Pure Sine Wave 150 VA UPS with Battery Inside

This UPS is designed for temporary power supply in emergency situations of up to 150VA consumers operating at 230V, 50Hz without the need for time switching. Typical applications are circulator pumps, automatic heating systems, emergency lighting and more. The supply voltage is purely sinewave, so the pump works silently and extends the life of the pump. The unit allows new energy-saving circulators and pellet stoves to be operated in the operating mode (without the ignition mode). For more information press on "MORE" button.



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International VoIP call forwarding

Your phone line (ordinary or from GSM Gateway) have to be connected to a FXO type port of VoIP Gateway with our SIP account. You should have good Internet connection. Price 180 EUR. For more information press on "MORE" button.


Before you go abroad, you have to

  1. Insert your SIM card into the GSM Gateway, model "Proline Digital".
  2. connect the phone line from this device (or your landline) to a FXO port of a VoIP gateway.
  3. The VoIP gateway must be preset with a SIP account from our VoIP phone services.
  4. Through our web-based billing into your SIP account, You have to fill in the phone number of the country where you are going.
  5. Prepay via PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram.

When someone call your mobile (or landline) number you will receive a call in the other country where you went.

Price list for phone calls you can see HERE.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us at

: PDF332_GSM Gateway Follow Me Digital User Manual EN version.pdf 194.91KB
: PDF332_Configurations of GSM Gateway ProLine & Follow Me Digital EN version.pdf 66.22KB

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