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GSM Intercom "D5/200"

D5/200 is a new type fashion designed access control system, it supports dial to open the door with free call charge, can remote open the door for visitors,very suitable for different office, villas and public occasion. Price 65 EUR. For more information press on "MORE" button.


GSM Intercom GSM "D1000/200"

The GSM Access Control is a new type advanced Access Control system. It supports dial to open the door for user or visitors. By this new type access control system, no need to install indoor intercom any more to save wiring and indoor intercom cost. supports up to 1000 authorized phone numbers for maximum 200 room numbers, it is special for apartment access control. Price 180 EUR. For more information press on "MORE" button.


GSM Intercom "D3"

This device is suitable substitute for ordinary intercom. After pressing his button automatically dials up to 3 predefined telephone number of the owner to call and can send SMS with the address of which it is located. In a call to it from authorized numbers can talk. By SMS can be turned on or off remotely two electrical appliance. Up to 3 phone numbers. Price 70 EUR. For more information press on "MORE" button.


GSM Intercom Controller "D250"

This technique consists of 2 parts connected by a cable. Pressing the button on the intercom you receive a call on your phone. After the conversation you can activate the existing electric door lock by call back for free to the number of the SIM card placed into the intercom. Up to 255 phone numbers. Price 110 EUR. For more information press on "MORE" button.


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